What is Six Sigma

Six Sigma is the most popular and effective problem solving approach for defect reduction. Focus of Six Sigma is customer satisfaction through defect reduction. In technical terms, Six sigma is methodology for progressively, aggressively and incessantly keep on reducing variability to reach to defect level below 3.4 ppm. Lean Six Sigma is another problem solving approach which has been well established for waste reduction, resource optimization and streamlining the value stream. Traditionally Six Sigma is used synonymously with Defect Reduction and adopts R-DMAIC-SI framework for the same. However, broadly speaking, Defect Reduction , Lean (Waste Reduction) and Design for Six Sigma (Scenario and Design creation), all comes under the ambit of Six Sigma.


Six Sigma is a fact-based data driven structured methodology that is used to create breakthrough improvements in business processes. It is used to solve organizational problems where the solution is not known. The program augments the participants existing domain knowledge and expertise with statistical thinking and application. This will help them to channelize their efforts and knowledge in the right direction and achieve ground breaking results in their field. Six Sigma Programs will help the participants acquire transferable problem solving skills and competence to solve and guide many problems in the forthcoming years for the Organization.

Following programs are offered under the umbrella of Six Sigma: