Corevolve offers following services to the Organizations. The services are in the areas of Solutions, Core Functions, Support Functions and Domains.


We are in the field of broadly management consulting, technical consulting and analytic consulting. Our consulting is based on understanding organisation’s processes, practices, concerns, problems, requirements and connecting the same to our approach, tools & capabilities. We undertake turn-key consulting for a long-term contract and project based consulting. Modes of our consulting include assessment, consolidation, discussion, guidance, review, solutioning, implementation and support.


Our training starts from motivating the participants on the topics and then gradually enrols them to the topics to appreciate the subject in his area of working. Our participants understand the topic, relate it to their domain, enjoy being in training and retain the knowledge without tension, stress and mug-up effort.


Our advisory services are centred around the same areas as in the case of consulting. Only difference being that these services are rendered in short-term and as-and-when required basis. Advisory services are relatively less structured than consulting.


We employ structured survey methodologies with case studies to assess the baseline status of business performance, employee satisfaction/ competence/ engagement, customer satisfaction level, environmental impact, Supplier performance and the likes. Survey is many times desirable and recommended for the intiative/ consulting an organization would like to go for.


Implementation is one of the mode of our consulting processes where we undertake end to end implementation of the initiative in the form of a Program. Usually structured project management methodologies are applied for the purpose.


Support is the most generic version of our services to the Organisation and also one of the most crucial one. We consider it a religion to support the Organisations to enable them for sustainable, predictable and desirable growth in profit following the laws of the lands. Support provided is both onsite & offsite, via personal presence, conferencing, telephonic and emails, as needed.