Requirement Analysis helps to capture customer needs for a product or service. Though many times requirements are provided by the customer in the form of written document, it is at very high level and what the requirement means can only be interpreted in the context of use environment. Also it is very important to discover hidden requirements from all the stakeholders and at various stages of the life cycle otherwise many of these requirements will remain unfulfilled and lead to defects. Requirements Analysis is even more difficult in case of new innovative Product development as customer themselves do not know the requirements.

This Program helps the participants to understand various complexities encountered during Requirement Gathering and Analysis exercise and what are the various tools which can be used to arrive successfully at the Requirements which can be transformed to Engineering Characteristics. This is first step towards successful Product and Service development and executive successful Projects.

Duration: 3 days

Program Content:

  • Introduction to Requirement Analysis
  • Identify stakeholders
    • Stakeholders & Customers: Concepts and Illustrations
    • Product Life Cycle
    • Platforms of Input to Requirements
  • What they say – Voice of Customer (VoC)/Voice of Stakeholders (VoS)
    • Reactive – Customer data analysis: Basic seven tools and analytics
    • Proactive
      • Focus group
      • Market Research for Requirement Management
      • Survey methodologies
      • Conjoint Analysis
  • What they do – Contextual enquiry
  • Drill-down to specific requirement – Tree diagram
  • Consolidate to unique requirements – Affinity diagram
  • Provisioning contingencies – Process Decision Program Chart
  • List out External Requirements(ERs) – VoS Template
  • Classify External Requirements(ERs) – Kano Model
  • Promise to the stakeholders measurably – External CTQ Dashboard
  • Proposal to the customer – Firm-up proposal

Benefits from the Program

  • Participants learn what is Requirements in true sense and how it can be captured and analysed
  • Participants learn methodology & tools which help in capture of requirements in its entirety
  • The Organisations will be able to Analyse Requirements and finalise for further Technical assessment

Who should attend this Program

  • The course is designed for Professionals from the following areas:
    • Requirement Analyst, Business Analysts, Design Professionals, R&Dites, Architects, Scientists
    • Project Managers, Team leaders, Tech Leads, Practitioners and Senior Management Professional
    • Professional who are into new product development, new process design and design of new services
    • And those professionals who want to get knowledge of Requirement Analysis, tools and techniques.