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Engineering industries needs discrete product driven R&D, manufacturing, fabrication, workshops, manufacturing capabilities, tooling and big supply chain network. Usually quality or business management methodologies or tools developed for this sector are available since a long time and quite matured. To develop true understanding of these tools and learn how to apply them in true spirit to derive maximum Technical and Business benefits is what is the need of the hour.

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Quality and business management methodologies and tools which are adopted from Engineering industries need this sector-specific translation. Perspectives are usually entirely different with respect to R&D, Manufacturing, Supply chain and After Sales Services.

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Pharmaceutical industries typically belong to Chemical sector with a strong focus on compliance to Food and Drug Acts and GMP. This is why this sector requires all the initiatives in Quality and Business with stringency in compliance to letter and spirit.

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Courses, syllabus, teaching aids and teaching processes in institutes, colleges and universities are quite often hardly represent the industry or societal requirements. Performance criteria of colleges or universities and institutions are often not adequately defined. Even if they are defined, these do not adequately represent competency building. Management, faculty and students have different requirements which can be strengthened with additional competencies to make the educational establishments a success. To fulfil its true potential, Education domain also needs to integrate with external agencies: Industries, Research Institutes, Government and Society as a whole to create an eco-system which fulfils the aim of each of the stakeholder.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Education area:



IT and ITES sectors are the Sunrise sectors and experiencing exponential growth. However the tools and practices being used in these industries have not matured sufficiently yet. While the industry is maturing, it is also changing very fast and the tools and practices are either becoming outdated or need to evolve continuously to keep pace with the changing scenario. It is therefore important to define framework and processes, metrics and parameters to be sufficiently robust and at the same time flexible enough to accommodate changes and discovery. The industry also needs to borrow and adopt the time tested concept and practices which have matured in other industries and apply it to their context.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in IT/ITES Industry: