Support Functions

Corevolve offers Services and Solutions for the following Support Functions of an Organization:


Human Resource Management

Human resource is the most significant resource in any business organisation. It is important to decide, monitor, improve and control the activities so that the output satisfies the planned business requirements.

Questions often arise on:

  • Who decides the activities of the people and how and when?
  • Why are these activities?
  • How are these performed?
  • How are the feedback collected?
  • How are the feedback analysed and acted upon?
  • How improvement opportunities are identified, addressed, and sustained?
  • How are the performances of each individual are integrated to the performance of the teams, divisions and organisation as a whole?
  • Potential capability of an individual, a team or a division?
  • How to define Functional Standards and integrate them to other HR applications
  • How to achieve Capability Index on employee performance?

Following Programs/Modules are offered in HRM area to address above issues:

  • Quantitative Techniques (QT) in HRD
  • HR Analytic
  • Six Sigma
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)


Marketing & Sales

Given a set of products or services to offer to the customer, challenges are to assess demand, create demand, generate enquiry, make proposals and confirm order. These are the most important processes of any Organisation and they often do not have befitting training modules which will help to improve these processes. In the absence of such competencies, `busy’ sales and marketing  personnel go by targets, discussion on the targets, market research, report making, communication abilities etc.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Marketing and Sales area:

  • Six Sigma
  • Quantitative Techniques (QT) for Sales and Marketing
  • Business Analytic using Data Mining (BADM)
  • New Seven Tools
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)


Finance & Accounts (F&A)

Finance, Costing, Accounting, Compliances are key issues in F&A function. It is difficult to strike balance between performance, activities, budget, cost and revenue. F&A needs adequate knowledge of business management operations and Business management professionals need thorough understanding of relevance finance and cost in their operations.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Marketing and Sales area:

  • Financial Perspective of Six Sigma
  • Quantitative Technique (QT) for F&A



Purchase is a critical support service in any Organisation. Unidimensional cost reduction, lead time reductions, vendor management, inventory reduction etc. often end up in compromising technical requirements of purchased products and services.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Purchase area:

  • Quantitative Techniques (QT) for Purchase
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
  • Six Sigma
  • Design for Six Sigma (DFSS)


Quality Control (QC)

Confusion prevails on testing & inspection, control, assurance and management of Quality. Clarity required for what role QC should have, what competencies they need, how do they add value in main stream value chain.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Quality Control area:

  • Six Sigma
  • Measurement Systems Analysis (MSA)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC)
  • Failure Mode Effect Analysis (FMEA) and Control Plan


Supply Chain Management

Produced quality can be deteriorated in supply chain while loading, transporting, unloading, storage, handling etc. in connection with both inbound and outbound logistics operations. Moreover wrong decisions and operations may lead to excessive inventory or stock-out situations, excessive cost and technical compromise.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Supply Chain Management area:

  • Six Sigma
  • Lean Six Sigma (LSS)
  • Quantitative Techniques (QT) for Supply Chain