What is DFSS

Q: Why defects and waste are present in the first place in the Organisation?


DFSS - Defect and Waste

  • DFSS is an approach to carry out the process of design and development to prevent opportunities of defects and waste from birth
  • DFSS ensure that the created outfit in terms of new product or process or service or system or software meets the requirements of defect level below 3.4 ppm from the launch
  • DFSS prevents need of Six Sigma and Lean Six Sigma Projects in the Organization

DFSS - Benefits

Duration: 5 days

Program Content

  • Introduction to DFSS
  • Refreshing DMAIC
  • Define Phase
    • Project Charter
    • MGP/MGAP
    • Risk Mitigation Plan
    • Feasibility Study
    • Contextual Enquiry
    • Conjoint analysis
    • ECTQ Dashboard
  • Measure Phase:
    • QFD
    • Design Scoreboard
  • Analyse Phase:
    • Transfer Function
    • Simulation
    • DFX
    • Axiomatic Design
    • TRIZ
    • Pugh Matrix
    • FTA
    • Reliability Analysis
    • FMEAs
    • Design of Experiment
    • Taguchi’s Robust Design
    • Tolerance Design
  • Design Phase:
    • Design Competencies
    • Design components – Design configurations
    • P-R Map
    • Project Management
    • Control Plans
  • Verify Phase:
    • Installation and Commissioning
    • Control Plan & ECTQ Dashboard data analysis
    • Documentation
    • Project closure


Benefits from the Program

  • Benefits to the Organisation:
    • Helps in introducing/strengthening culture of Design, Development and Research in the Organisations
    • Helps in preparing robust design for Product/ Process/ Service/ System/ Software
    • Helps in preventing Defects and Waste from birth and protects bottom line from the launch itself.
    • Create avenues of revenue which add essentially to the top line
    • Opportunity to avail offsite project assistance/guidance from our experts


  • Benefits to the Participants:
    • Equips participants in Scenario Creation and Design Skills
    • Introduces participants to many tools and techniques which helps in creation of Innovative and Robust Designs
    • Provides a framework which will help participants to systematically create new Product/ Process/ Service/ System/ Software
    • Equips Participants to question origin of Defects and Waste and eliminate the same from their designs
    • Opportunity to avail offsite project assistance/guidance from our experts
    • Opportunity to connect to our DFSS community
    • Access to the latest developments and knowledge resources in the DFSS and other areas of interest in Six Sigma


Who should attend this Program

  • The course is designed for Professionals from the following areas:
    • Design Professionals, R&Dites, Architects, Scientists
    • Software Architects, Designers & Developers
    • Quality Assurance Engineers, Project Managers, Team leaders, Tech Leads, Practitioners and Senior Management
    • Professional members who are doing research, innovations or consulting in process improvement practices
    • Professional who are into new product development, new process design and design of new services
    • And those professionals who want to get knowledge of DFSS methodology, tools and techniques.