Core Functions

Corevolve offers Services and Solutions for the following Core Functions of an Organization:


Research and Design (R&D)

Classical quality and business management modules are oriented more towards typical applications such as problem solving or assessment or management systems. Relevance of such methods and tools in R&D is quite less. R&D needs systems and tools which would bring them better expertise in developing new Products or Processes or Software or Services or Systems or Competencies quickly and predictably. R&D’s theme enable Organisations to dream.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Research and Design area:



Manufacturing with its processes such as Production planning, scheduling, production, cordination with other departments, changes of variants during production, QC, handling, storage and transportation of materials, WIPs and finished products, requires smooth operation to produce as required at minimum cost. At times, training modules focused for Manufacturing and Operations digress from this very objective and becomes the slaves of the tools.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Manufacturing/Operations area:




Dependability of production lines, facilities, accessories, utility centres etc. are quite critical for smooth and uninterrupted production run in terms of civil, mechanical, electrical and instrumentation. Selection, Use, Maintenance, Overhauling and Replacement of machines or accessories offer immense potential to be better aligned to ease of operations.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Maintenance area:


After Sales Service

Quite often organisations face challenge not in developing, producing and supplying products, but in after sales service. Problems faced by the Customers while using the products are often not predictable. It is also extremely difficult to simulate the customer use difficulties and product-use environment. Hence, After Sales Service is considered to be very critical in customer retention. Moreover, After Sales Service also can be considered new business avenues of revenues.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in After Sales Service area:



Courses, syllabus, teaching aids and teaching processes in institutes, colleges and universities are quite often hardly represent the industry or societal requirements. Performance criteria of colleges or universities and institutions are often not adequately defined. Even if they are defined, these do not adequately represent competency building. Management, faculty and students have different requirements which can be strengthened with additional competencies to make the educational establishments a success.

Following Programs/Modules are offered in Teaching area: